HAVE YOU EVERY HAD A SASSOMELET? Our very first time have this and we could not be any prouder. SASSO EGGS! Laid by the same Sasso Chickens that we gave to our farmers in Batangas. It feels very good to see some of the farmers succeeding in this by working hard and doing it the right way. We are able to gather enough eggs to make 100 trays. We are happy and proud to sell these eggs to you. Raised in a free-range environment and as you can see in the picture, fed only organic corn. Brown, tastier than regular eggs, and with much less cholesterol. Make a healthy, tasty and helpful omelet soon.

SNAP BUY: SASSO ORGANIC EGGS. We are looking to reward our hard-working Batangas farmers by get their Sasso Eggs. Pay P650, get 2 trays.


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