SATSUMA BAHALA NA. During this visit to Nueva Vizcaya, we met a citrus farmer from Kasibu town who was worrying for his SATSUMA ORANGES. He was able to sell the “Good” oranges no problem but the buyers rejected these RR’s. Nothing wrong with what’s inside, perfectly juicy and sweet save for the imperfect skin and the uncertain size (too big or too small). We took all of it, 300 kilos, and put them on the truck to Manila. We have no buyers, no offers to you, this is courage and faith on our part. Bahala na. Please get some RR’s, help them get a good price for Citrus that would otherwise not find any buyers if we do not help them. at all. Thank you so much, here is the link.

SATSUMA RESCUE BUY. We are seeking support for a Citrus farmer, please will you get 4 kilos of Satsuma for you P499. Steal


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