HAPPILY LOST IN CHAYOTELAND. During one of our trips to the highland interior, trying to get to the legendary strawberry fields of Madaymen, we instead found ourselves Brgy. Sagpat. No berries there except a sea of SAYOTE, as far as the eye could see, mountain to green mountain. We stopped to aks for directions from these men but ended up marveling and staying. What a wonderful machine, half motorcycle, half pulley. How efficiently they flew sacks of sayote across the mountain. What if they did not invent this, these men would be humping sack by exhausting sack, to fill a truck would take two days. If we did not get lost that day, we would not have made friends with the best sayote farmers and inventors in the Philippines.

GROUP BUY SAYOTE. We are looking for RuRi members who would join us in a Sayote pickup in Sagpat. If you share P299 pesos, we shall give you 10 kllos.


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