SINO SASAMA SA SINAMAR? We are able to find a way to send a truck to the distant town of San Mateo in Isabela Province, for NATIVE MANGOES. Mango trees grow closer to Manila, why do we need to range so far? Other farmers need help too, why this particular one? Excellent questions. We know now that the farther from the capital the farms are, the lower the prices buyers offer for the produce. Does the cost to grow, the farm inputs become any cheaper? No. The farmer simply earns less money if at all. We are in Barangay Sinamar Norte, San Mateo, Isabela because it is where our money is needed, that’s how we think about this.

So here’s young Jerome Lagumpay and the mangoes he has lovingly cultivated from trees inherited from his parents. These trees provide him and his siblings their sole source of income. And what mangoes! Big and smooth-skinned with nary a fruit fly bite, on the cusp of ripeness, they would be quite excellent.

We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to support the San Mateo Mango Group Buy. Your P599 will get you 4 kilos of native mangoes when the truck makes it back. Founder Members as always, for their continued concern for all things Rural Rising, get 5 kilos.


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