We have a second ORGANIC SPINACH farmer offering 80 to 100 kilos, this time from Tuba, Benguet. We’ll try our best to help her. The link is open again! Please help.

SNAP BUY # 2 ORGANIC SPINACH. We are looking for 20 Rural Rising members who will help a Benguet farmer with her Organic Spinach. If you support this with P499, you get 4 freshly-harvested kilos. Our regular price is P200 per kilo. Save P300. Save even more if you compare the price you get outside of Rural Rising. Click here https://bit.ly/OrgSpinachSB-RRPH and shout “WHEE!” if you got it or “WHAA!” if the link closes out on you, and we shall try to get more.

Back read the story:
ORGANIC STARTING TO PANIC. After the runaway success of the Organic Romaine effort yesterday (300 kilos sold in 2 hours!) you have given us confidence to help another organic farmer. Two, actually. Nena Titiwa of La Trinidad, Benguet and her daughter Gina. The produce that needs rescuing is ORGANIC SPINACH. Really, something strange is happening here in the Cordilleras. Yesterday, it was the Romaine right? And today, it’s these Spinach. The prices of organic vegetables are dropping to record lows and farmers are starting to panic. Yeah, a parsley farmer is pleading with us right now as we write this.
So please let’s try to do the ORGANIC SPINACH muna? It’s 200 kilos, and we are hoping that for this price and because it’s organic pa, this has the possibility of going very fast like yesterday’s Romaine. so DON’T HESITATE like you did yesterday. Please will you eat more spinach next week? Blend with juice, make some lovely breakfast omelettes with these, or other healthy preparations with this.


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