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STRAWCAULI. It is our pleasure to put together and to bring to you for the first time a most beautiful combination. STRAWCAULI! It’s Strawberry and Cauliflower together, 4 kilos total, pay only P599. Frankly we’re not sure which one sells the other. Are you buying Cauliflower to get the Strawberry? Are you buying Strawberry to get the Cauliflower? It’s hard to say because 3 kilos of Cauliflower is already worth P599 and vice-versa, 1 kilo of Strawberry is already worth the same. Buy one, get one, that’s what this is. We told you that it’s a beautiful combination.

Grab your STRAWCAULI here before it runs out. Freshly-harvested, arrives tomorrow (January 17, 2023). It’s P599 for a total of 4 kilos.


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Weight 4 kg


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