Continuous rain in Baguio from #Florita has made very difficult for our farmers to harvest the lemons and our boys to load the truck, but it’s done. The lemons have made it to RuRI House amid all difficulties. We hope they give you joy.

LEMONS ROTTING, FARMERS CRYING. The problem of lemon farmers in Tuba should not be a problem at all. These farmers have several advantages that other farmers would envy so much. One, they have a desirable, almost vital product, that has always fetched a good price. Two, they have excellent farm-to-market access—the TPLEX, a direct route to NCR markets, right infront of them. Three, two “bagsakans”, Baguio and Urdaneta, are 30 kilometers either way. These farmers should not be crying, they should not be begging, but they are. These lemons should not be rotting on the tree, but they do. Listen and learn why.

Please join us as we do the Lemon Rescue Buy. We are seeking your kind and strong support for a Lemon Rescue Buy in Tabaan Sur, Tuba, Benguet. If you give P440, we shall give you 10 kilos of lemons. RuRi will subsidize part of the cost so we can rescue more lemons.


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