TROPHIES OF PRIDE. So what we have here are eleven kilos of BARAKO COFFEE. Tehre was a dozen originally but we have to keep one of personal enjoyment. These are the beans while they were still on the trees on our visit to Nasugbu, Batanags last month and this is the farmer, his name is Many Vida. The beans have since been harvested and are now the best example of that strong and famous Robusta coffee. The only thing stronger than this coffee is Manny’s love for his children and their continued education. He graciously invited us to his house and the very first thing we saw upon entering were the rows of medals hanging from the ceiling. They are this family’s trophies of utmost pride. I think the proceeds from this will go towards a new computer for his son, let us see what else we can give them.

Also, wee’re going to take this opportunity to introduce ARROWROOT BISCUITS from a baker family in SAGADA, MT. PROVINCE. Made from uraro flour. It has a unique taste and one unique selling proposition—it’s completely GLUTEN-FREE. Zero tourists in that land-locked town has been especially difficult for this family and it would make us very happy indeed if our group takes to these cookies and helps get them baking regularly again. Get a pack of Arrowroot Biscuits FREE with this Group Buy.

* There are 4 whole roasted coffee beans and 7 ground roasted beans. Please indicate your preference.

BARAKO COFFEE GROUP BUY. We are looking for 11 members to buy 1 KG of Batangas Barako Coffee and a free pack of SAGADA ARROWROOT COOKIES and pay only P599.


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