NAKIKISUYO ANG SUYO. We are delighted to make a new discovery in far-off Suyo in far-off Ilocos Sur. From the same farmers who gave us wild Kamangeg, we bring you SWEET TUGI. It’s a rarely found yam with potato-like characteristics. Tugi can be sliced or diced and boiled or fried like chips or fries. In Andie’s home province, they use this as a substitute to ube when making calamay making white and extra-creamy pudding. They call it the Calame Tugi.

100 kilos only, perhaps less. Available only today. If you are making Christmas ube halaya,this is your chance to make something rare and delicious. It’s P499 for 3 kilos.

If you support this effort, you get a chance to win ten (10) kilos of MAGUMABLI WATERMELONS.


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