NIYOG DIN MAY TUMBONG. We have 35 pieces of Tumbong ng Niyog! From our farmer in Dingalan, Aurora. If you missed this the last time, don’t miss this this time, please.

Back read the story: We hope this brings back childhood memories where you cannot get enough of this because even during those times, these are not often to come by. If your children have never tried these, here’s your chance to introduce them to “NATURE’S CANDY”. Eat some and plant the rest, why not? Coconut is the Tree of Life and this is why. Plant a coconut for future generations. In my generation, what my Lola does with these is she tears them into small pieces by hand and tosses them in a bowl with ubod strips and diced tofu. It’s a salad or a stuffing for fresh lumpia. I cannot think of anything more delicious and fresh right now, am missing her right now.

SO YOU SEE: Here they are. We asked the farmer to split one and show what is inside. When was the last time you had these, if ever? Where in Metro Manila can you find these, if at all?

TUMBONG NG NIYOG SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to participate in a Snap Buy for Tumbong ng Niyog. The price is P300 for 5 pieces.

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