We have VALENCIA ORANGES at RuRi! These are the first Valencias of the season. How wonderful, how sweet, how fast these will go.
Back read the story:
CRATE HOPELESS. We arrived late at the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT), a place where produce from surrounding provinces are aggregated—and a place where it’s back area has become infamous during this pandemic for being the dumping ground of tons of unsold produce. While we were very excited to meet some of our farmers there, we quickly became sad to see crates and crates of unsold oranges, rotting on the wayside. Back in Manila and only yesterday, our members were virtually fighting for the few kilos of oranges we had!
SO YOU SEE: These are the Valencia Oranges. Only 100 kilos available. Only 20 members can avail.

SNAP BUY VALENCIA ORANGES. We are looking for 20 Rural Rising members to buy 5 kilos of Valencia Oranges, pay only P999.


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