TRIVIA: Did you know that the Taiwanese call themselves “Sweet Potatoes”. There are two reasons why they do so. First is that in the early 19th century, mainland Chinese coming to Taiwan saw that Taiwanese people mostly eat sweet potatoes as a staple food, thus they referred to the Taiwanese people as “sweet potatoes”. Another reason is that when you look at the map of Taiwan, you will see that the island is literally shaped like a sweet potato.

WALANG REKLAMO KAMOTE # 2. After we have bought all of his SUPER TAIWAN KAMOTE harvest, we appointed Mang Celso Ragadio to help bring in the harvests from other farmers. So that we could help them too. We were happy to pay 4X what traditional buyers are paying the farmers in his native Zambales with two conditions. One, kamotes must always be freshly-dug. Two, kamotes must be of a certain size, no smaller. After a receiving a few complaints from some of our members about the size—but not the taste—of the last batch of kamotes, we complained to him too. Perhaps a little bit too strongly obviously because in his last delivery we caught him saying “Kung may reklamo pa yan, ewan ko lang.” Haha. The man sounded very proud of the produce, and he should be. The size is perfect and those members who got these pronounced the quality superb. Super happy. He has redeemed himself with this and we are happy to take more SUPER TAIWAN KAMOTES.

We are looking for the support of a few Rural Rising members for the kamote farmers of San Marcelino, Zambales. For P497 pesos you’ll receive 10 kilos of Super Taiwan Kamote when the truck gets back. Founder members who lead this, we shall be happy to give 11 kilos.


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