GRABSBERRY. Wild Raspberries with FREE GRAB DELIVERY. We’ve been going back two villages, one in Laguna and another in Quezon. Here, Wild Raspberries grow in blessed Sabundance. Over several forays, we’ve met most of the farmers who have been foraging for us. One of them is Jessie, a specially prolific berry hunter. If it rains in the evening, the wild raspberries come out specially sweet. If it rains in the morning, there are fewer people out and the pickings become more rewarding for those that do. Jessie will always be one of them. See how well he did today. If you had a kilo of Jessie’s Raspberries, what will you do with it? Eat is fresh or throw onto salads for one, or use the whole lot to make Wild Raspberry Jam.

WILD RASPBERRY SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to get and enjoy some Wild Raspberries, pay only P1,100/kilo, with free delivery within Metro Manila.


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